Love to Share

Anekke, an inspirational brand, was created to share a message of faith in the belief that dreams can come true and that everything is possible in life.

Azzar Complementos is a one hundred year old family business started in Spain and formed by three siblings to manufacture leather bags and accessories in the family tradition. In 2014, the family design team created Anekke as a corporate personality for their own branded style of leather bags. Since those early years, Anekke today has become a global lifestyle brand licensed on stationary, collectibles, jewelry, apparel and home décor throughout Europe, USA, Russia, Asia, Australia and now South America.


Born on a cold winter night, the Anekke brand is about an enigmatic girl who transmits sensitivity to the simplest and most natural things. She is pure feeling and emotion with a romantic air of tenderness around her.  The brand values are attention to detail, emotional impact, tenderness and originality.  The target market is women of all ages and lifestyles.  Licensed products include fashion accessories, bags, luggage, backpacks, stationary, gifts, and home decor. In three years, the Anekke brand has grown over 51%.  There are 15 collections complete with the Anekke character, patterns, designs, and inspirational sentiments.


The brand’s philosophy is ‘Love to Share’.  It is about dreams and unimaginable places where people can believe in themselves leaving their fears and prejudices behind.  Anekke’s destiny is to contribute peace and transmit beautiful feelings in the world.  Conceived to live and create special moments, Anekke has now found the formula to help children in need collaborating with Save the Children organization.

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