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A character created from dust was born to heal and inspire. Dustykid is a cheerful, humorous, and inspirational character brand with inspiring messages to uplift the spirit, awaken the soul and encourage the path to embracing all emotions in a positive way.

These cute and likeable dusty characters were created by Chan Chan, an illustrator and art director based in Hong Kong. In 2013, Chan had suffered a business setback. To comfort himself, he began doodling and writing inspirational messages of encouragement posting his Dusty doodles online. Soon afterwards, he set up a social media page to share his positive inspirations. Six years later, Dustykid is now followed by over 150,000 social fans. The character has not only comforted Chan during his difficult times but today Dusty is inspiring and encouraging its fans around the world.

dustykid philosophy


Dustykid is an international inspirational brand that speaks from the heart.  It’s story began with a cute line of plush toys and inspirational books for young adults.  Today, the brand has expanded to Bubble Tea Shops earning over one million dollars in its first year, expanded its inspirational books to the children’s market in both English and Chinese and partners with over 16 international brands including Logitech, Canon, Clinique Champion Sports, Lenovo, Verbatim.

A brand that is not only cute and adorable but it inspires and teaches how to embrace all emotions.   Licensed on  100 products including inspirational books, stationery, sports-wear, apparel, bedding, digital products, toys and games.  Pop up stores, co-branding and food licensing, this brand has earned global recognition for its happy positive energy that has helped so many young people with its inspiring messages.


Feeling happy is great, feeling sad is not a problem. Dustykid wishes to spread the positive vibes but at the same time, Dusty believes that suppressing our emotions is not healthy for anyone. Dustykid said “It’s okay to cry, cry out loud.” “When will the rain stop? Never mind, I know it will stop eventually.” Everyone will encounter ups and downs in the life and Dustykid tries to understand each need.  Dusty will walk with you and stand by your side.

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