The Zolan Agency is a boutique art licensing agency representing a select group of  global emerging art and designer brands, Nordic Fashion brand Ivana Helsinki, and the American Heritage Brand, Donald Zolan.  The Agency represents and aspires to bring fresh new talented art brands to the sector of licensing giving emerging art brands a voice and an opportunity in the global market.  It is the Agency’s mission to inspire the marketplace with new art, new styles, new trends, and new ways of expression giving young artists an opportunity to succeed in their passion of art.


We have a passion to create original and imaginative art and products that awaken happiness and a feel good sensation. Our select team of international artists and designers bring a unique and creative dimension to their art inspired by their cultures and their experiences with all of us sharing the same values to inspire beauty through art.

We aspire to be a company of poetry and artistry filled with positivity and light.


The Zolan Company was one of the first art agencies to co brand the fine art of Donald Zolan with global iconic brands.  The Zolan brand with over 46 years in the licensing industry is recognized as a Classic Children’s Art Brand leaving a legacy to the world inspiring each of us to discover the child within.  Zolan set the high standard for the agency with his values and philosophy about art and business.  Following in his footsteps, the agency expanded to include young contemporary artists who share similar values and to give a platform to encourage these emerging talented new artists to  follow their dreams.

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Social Mission

Social licensing is an important cornerstone to our values to nurture a positive business with social responsibility. We strongly support all of our Artists and Designers in their programs to give back to humanity.  The Zolan brand is dedicated to helping children’s causes through licensing the art of Donald Zolan who strongly believed in making a better world for our children.   

Supporting women’s and children’s projects with animal rights has been a key mission of the Ivana Helsinki brand which is involved in worldwide social projects supporting women and children’s causes.  One of her most recent projects was partnering with a sheep farm in Finland converting wool to children’s clothing.

Shane Koehler, a nature wildlife brand from Oregon, is very active in his support of environmental awareness.

We welcome all opportunities to expand our social licensing programs in helping women, children and the environment.

Business Mission

Our mission is to create and to develop art brands into recognized consumer brands working in conjunction with our Licensing partners to create art styles for their market, to adapt and create designs to the products, to share our resources of creativity and ideas, and to market to the broadest consumer base while maintaining the value and integrity of the brands.

And, we hope to inspire and encourage young artists to achieve their dreams.

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