Since 2018, Zolan Agency has been marketing sustainable art and photography with a genuine desire to help bring awareness to our planet and the beauty of nature into our homes. Zolan Agency sustainable team is not about the trend but about a passionate belief and desire to bring a higher consciousness about the environment through the interpretation of art, design, and photography.

Our mission is to create a positive change and awareness to Mother Earth through licensing projects and non-profit collaborations with our team of sustainable artists and designers.

Enrico Fossati Sustainable Collaboration

Enrico Fossati is part of a sustainable collaboration with Photography of the Future where 100% of the profit from his photography sales supports the reforestation of the Atlantic Forest of Brazil, a biodiversity hotspot more depleted than the Amazon. Trees are one of the most effective methods to mitigate climate change removing CO2 emissions from the atmosphere while protecting nature’s habitat.  Purchasing a photo from the online gallery is a conscious way to keeping Earth alive and healthy for future generations.  Fossati is available for licensing and collaborating with companies and non profits in supporting planet earth.

Ivana Helsinki Sustainable Activist

Ivana Helsinki is a Scandinavian fashion and art brand since 1998 inspired by the nature and lifestyle of her Nordic lands. Scandinavian culture has always engendered a deep respect for its beautiful rugged nature and fauna. Ivana Helsinki is a brand that not only creates and designs nature and animal art but her philosophy supports her goals and objectives to sustainability and animal rights.

The Ivana Helsinki brand manufactures its own fashion brand and its own line of products respecting the sustainable culture of the past 23 years. The brand’s sustainable projects have been worldwide from Africa to Peru and currently the brand supports ‘An Adopt a Sheep’ program in Finland helping a local farm using the wool of the adopted sheep to make children’s clothes. Ivana Helsinki brand is available for all licensing projects and collaborating with companies and non-profits to support Planet Earth.

Erin Derby Reimagining Nature

Floral and nature photographer from New York, Derby reimagines nature in her stunning botanical collages of nature and florals where her floral images are magnified bigger than life to view in detail the incredible beauty of nature’s own composition. Her images are bold, sensual and effervescent with light and color. An award winning photographer, Derby supports sustainable and environmental causes and is available to collaborate on social and licensing projects.

Gelini Rooted in the Alps

The Gelini character was born 25 years ago in the Austrian Alps surrounded by its beautiful mountains, lakes and streams. Gelini, a family brand, is rooted in its mountainous environment. The character is full of many emotions all shown in bright gorgeous colors. Gelini creates a message in its nature photos to slow down, be in the nature, enjoy the day, and take time to see all the earth that is around us. A fun and adorable children’s brand that takes us into many aspects of our planet. Gelini is available for sustainable licensing programs, a beloved brand by kids of all ages.

We care!

The Zolan Agency really cares about our planet and supporting sustainable projects and collaborations.  Please reach out to us with your ideas and proposals.

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