We are looking to expand our successful co-branding programs through expansion of partnerships in advertising, licensed products and community projects. Please contact us for more information.

Donald Zolan

In 1996, the Agency began co-branding art with iconic corporate brands starting with its first partnership between Zolan and John Deere.  Collaborating with Deere led to an expansion of co-branded programs with Collegiate, International Harvest Farmall, Shirley Temple, New York Yankees and Radio Flyer.


Ivana Helsinki and Pernod Ricard Co-Branding

IvanaHelsinki brand has collaborated and co-branded with 80+ Finnish and International corporations including Coca-Cola, Uniqlo, Swarowski, Angry Birds and famous French wine company Pernod Ricard producing and shooting a wine fashion film for its Jacob Creek Wine brands as well as creating the bottle designs.

IvanaHelsinki Partners with Sokos Hotel

Ivana Helsinki brand partnered with Sokos Hotel Presidentti in their recent hotel renovation.  Chosen as Artistic Director for the project, Helsinki created a concept of a story-driven hotel where each room embodied the mood and cultural values of Finland. The hand-tufted rugs, carpets, coffee tables, sheets and theme wallpapers were designed exclusively by Ivana Helsinki.


Donald Zolan Co Brand Partnerships

Zolan is an American Heritage Brand of 44+ years with its timeless and nostalgic appeal as a children’s family brand.  A Legacy of 300 oil paintings and 7 co brand partnerships, licensed products have sold throughout North America, Europe and Australia.  Art with a Heart ❤️, this brand has also played an important role in a children’s cancer hospital in Italy.

Dustykid® Opens Bubble Teashops and Franchises

Inspirational characters with heartfelt messages, the Dustykid brand has opened new markets not only in food co-branding but in the franchising of its newly opened Bubble Tea Shops found throughout Asia.  An assortment of Cake rolls, cupcakes, chocolates, cookies, ice creams and teas all are part of the new Dustykid franchise.


Dustykid® Brand Opens 2021 with a Bang

A powerhouse Asian brand, Dustykid has co-branded with 16 international brands including Champion Sports, Yahoo, AirAsia, Eclipse, Canon, Clinique, Lenova, Verbatim, WWF, Dyanson and a list of great iconic brands.  Popular with age groups 18-40, its social following has now reached over 200,000 followers worldwide with its heartfelt messages of inspirational products.

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