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Zolan Agency Inspires with YU.Me Floral Designs

Zolan Agency signs YU.Me Design and Art Studio from Florence, Italy unveiling the new collections at the Las Vegas Int’l Licensing Expo.   For the last 20 years, the YU.Me design team has been working as product designers in the licensing market branching out in 2019 to launch their own Art and Design Brands.   With an extensive background in product and graphic design, this Florentine team brings the beautiful rich tradition of Italian art and design with a fresh contemporary approach to the licensing industry and provides expert design services for licensees, manufacturers and retailers.  YU.Me, a vibrant and passionate,  creative talent with great artistry,  has been a huge favorite on ZolanAgency instagram.  Licensing opportunities are available in all categories.

Fossati’s Nature Photography on Environmental Message

The power of Fossati’s photography and message is immeasurably inspiring moving our emotions and feelings to higher levels of mindfulness of just how precious our world, our resources and our earth are. Recently sponsored by Leica for photography workshops in Italy, Fossati’s photography is also available as licensed products from his New 2020 licensees, Stupell Industries and Merch Management. Fossati’s artworks are on message for licensing sustainable and environment goods and services. His photography captures nature in all its majestic beauty with a profundity and awareness that becomes provoking and breathtaking at the same time. Let’s be inspired by Fossati’s photography to Protect our Mother Earth from human destruction and to save what has not yet been destroyed. Licensing opportunities for sustainable goods are available in all product categories.

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