Social licensing

Advocating social licensing programs in support of kid’s education and well-being around the world is a core principle of the Zolan mission not only through our legendary Zolan kid’s brand but also through the social projects from our Team of Artists. We welcome all opportunities to expand our collaboration with kid’s and women’s social projects.

Our mission is making a positive change in children’s lives.

Helsinki Brand supports worldwide social projects

Paola Suhonen and the Ivana Helsinki brand have been involved in many worldwide social projects including Charity Ambassador of World Vision. Paola recently visited Ruanda to teach young women about creativity and how to start a business. Using the talents of Peruvian women, Paola designed a set of knits for the New York Fashion Fair Week which was a great success. She has also worked with Amnesty International, UN Women for Organ Donor Association.

The Yellow t-shirt to the right was designed specifically for Organ Donor Association. It says “Luovuttaja” which has a double meaning in the Finnish language. It means a donor/ present giver and also means a person who gives up. The idea was to encourage people to sign up for Organ donation. The campaign was a huge success generating tens of thousands of New donors.

helsinki yellow social
zolan social helsinki

Helsinki Designs on Hospital Gowns for New Children’s Hospital in Finland

Ivana Helsinki designed the patient garments for the New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki, Finland using the drawings and paintings of the little patients for the inspiration for her design and colors.  The designer, doctors, administration, laundry professionals and the children patients all collaborated closely together for its success.  And, best of all the children patients can wear colorful new designer gowns during their hospital stays.

Zolan collaborates with Dr. Magnani on Children’s Palliative Care

Zolan paintings have become the “Science-and-Conscience of the non-pharmacological Care for Preverbal Oncologic Children who need the body-mind-and-spirit Care, The Total Care.  “Zolan’s Paintings are the Biophysical psychosocial Therapy for Oncologic Children and for all the Children affected by disease,” says Dr. Magnani.

“These Zolan children paintings become Little Sweet Friends for children in pain and they succeed in feeling, tasting, hearing, smelling, seeing, touching the beauty of those paintings that become windows to Children’s hearts and minds.”

“The hat on Children’s head, that hat whose size is larger than the Children’s headsize, is the symbol of protection, covering, embracing, comforting, the symbol of ‘universal coverage of palliative care”

Dr. Luisella Magnani

zolan children pediatric

Anekke sponsors
Save The Children event

The Anekke brand is more than just a Fashion and Accessory Brand. It is an inspirational brand inspiring dreams and positive thinking. Anekke teamed with Save the Children sponsoring one of Spain’s major fundraising events in Madrid.  The event’s theme was “The Key that Saves Children’s Lives”. Every Anekke key ring sold helps children in need worldwide.  Anekke and Save the Children are helping to improve the future of the most vulnerable children around the world.

anekke save children

We care!

The Zolan Agency cares about children and supporting kid’s projects. Please reach out to us with your ideas and proposals.

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