Social licensing

Advocating social licensing programs in support of kid’s education and well-being around the world is a core principle of the Zolan mission not only through our legendary Zolan kid’s brand but also through the social projects from our Team of Artists. We welcome all opportunities to expand our collaboration with kid’s and women’s social projects.

Our mission is making a positive change in children’s lives.

Enrico Fossati Sustainable Collaboration

Enrico Fossati is part of a sustainable collaboration with Photography of the Future where 100% of the profit from his photography sales supports the reforestation of the Atlantic Forest of Brazil, a biodiversity hotspot more depleted than the Amazon. Trees are one of the most effective methods to mitigate climate change removing CO2 emissions from the atmosphere while protecting nature’s habitat.  Purchasing a photo from the online gallery is a conscious way to keeping Earth alive and healthy for future generations.

Zolan Dedicates a Lifetime of Art to Support Children

Donald Zolan’s dreams were to help children through his art by bringing the innocence, the love and joy to children who are suffering and in need.  In the studies of  Dr. Luisella Magnani on Zolan paintings, she wrote  “Zolan’s Paintings are the Biophysical Psychosocial Therapy for Oncologic Children and for all the children affected by disease.”

After a five year collaboration with Dr. Magnani at an Italian Pediatrics Oncology hospital,  Zolan’s paintings continue to help children in North and South America through initiatives like the YMCA, United Way, and didactic learning books.

“These Zolan children paintings become Little Sweet Friends for children in pain and the windows to Children’s hearts and minds.”  Dr. Luisella Magnani

Vito Loli Artist and Environmentalist

Supporting Peru’s most vulnerable families

Vito Loli, Peruvian Artist, is actively involved in Peru’s environmental and humanitarian causes. As Vice President of the NGO Tierra y Sera, Loli and his wife, Erika Schaefer, are active team members in saving lives during natural disasters and supporting Peru’s most vulnerable families.  Sponsors of the social Eco-Warriors, they train and host workshops and projects for recycling.  Ten percent of their profits are donated to the Blue Economy Project for recycling through the Tierra y Sera.

Helsinki Brand Global Activist

For Women, Animal Rights and Environment

Paola Suhonen and the Ivana Helsinki brand are activists in worldwide social projects including Charity Ambassador of World Vision, Amnesty International, and the UN Women for Organ Donor.  On a trip to Rwanda, Paola taught young women how to start a business. In Peru, Paola designed a set of knits using the talents of Peruvian women for the New York Fashion Fair Week.

Adopt a sheep

Helsinki supports the heritage of sheep farming

Suhonen’s most recent initiative, “Adopt a Sheep” is for the preservation of the heritage of sheep farming in her country of Finland.  Upon adoption, the family can visit their sheep and choose the products from which the wool is made.  Adoption is at the Bovik Organic Farm in southern Finland where the indigenous breeds are grown respecting animals and nature.

Ale Puro Kids Street Art

We care!

The Zolan Agency cares about children and supporting kid’s projects. Please reach out to us with your ideas and proposals.

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