Enrico Fossati

Conscious Photography

The nature photography of Enrico Fossati moves our emotions taking us to new levels of mindfulness and sustainability of just how precious our planet and our resources are. “Walking in the forests, seeing the first light on top of the mountain and the last light fading away from the land is an emotionally inspiring experience.”

Born in Novi Ligure in the region of Piemonte, Italy, Fossati’s world of landscape photography has very deep and strong roots going back to his childhood. During his school years he was passionate about the Tolkien writings which led him to discover the great painters like John Howe and Allen Lee opening the doors to the Hudson River School which greatly inspired his work. A self-taught photographer, he bought his first DSLR and started taking pictures of the Alps and alpine landscape. Since those early days, Fossati has developed his well-defined style traveling around the world looking for those rare moments when nature creates a spectacular canvas for mankind to experience, observe and reflect.

The Brand

One of the most important and influential photographers emerging in 2021 in the movement toward nature and mindfulness, Fossati is on trend for sustainable licensing in the new world of conscious consumerism. His commitment to protecting the environment especially trees plays an important part in Fossati’s life and supporting projects protecting our environment as in his most recent collaboration to Save the Trees in the Atlantic Rain Forest in Brazil with 100% of his  profits donated to the Rain Forest.

Inspired by fantasy literature, art, movies and music, Fossati’s works are sold around the globe with his loyal social media following of 100,000+.  Partnering with iconic photography brands, Fossati also conducts workshops, seminars, and live on site shoots in the Italian Alps and the Canadian Rocky Mountains.


“The mountains, forests, streams and waterfalls are my favorite subjects because they make me dream and fill me with emotion deeply influencing my imagination and feelings,” Fossati reflects searching for the most unique and special places to photograph on the earth.

Hiking for weeks into the depths of the Italian Alps and the Canadian Rocky mountains, Fossati encounters all kinds of adverse weather conditions to capture that dramatic and breathtaking moment that nature offers to all who patiently wait for the extraordinary.

As we wonder into Fossati’s profound, inspiring, nonpareil collection of the deep forests, majestic mountains, and sparkling mountain rivers and lakes, we will find ourselves becoming more mindful of nature’s beauty and grandeur connecting even deeper to Mother Earth where nature’s ancient world has rooted for centuries.

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