Vito Loli

Peruvian Artist and Environmentalist

The Great-nephew of Paul Gauguin, Loli blends contemporary fine art into a modern lifestyle brand for fashion and home.

Alberto Loli Narváez, better known as Vito Loli, was born on August 12, 1954 in Lima, Peru. The Great-nephew of Paul Gauguin, he is a self-taught painter expressing his passion for nature and the female figure. He is committed to the fight for sustainability, especially in Peru. Most of his work integrates his passions achieving very personal images that are full of magic with a direct and provocative message. Through his work, Loli shares his introspective journey using nature as a metaphor.
An architect and designer, Loli has devoted himself to his fine art paintings exhibiting at the Paris Grand Palais in 2009 and recognized in 2010 as one of the 170 best painters in the world at the Grand Gala and auction of the Archaeological Institute in New York City. Loli was invited to the United Nations in Geneva for the year of Biological Diversity presenting a collection of his works with the Jananpacha Project highlighting the Peruvian legacy as a Heritage of the Humanity. “I seek to transmit a legacy and a high-impact humanist message."

The Brand

The Loli brand is inspired by the passions of the artist for the human form, nature, and his love for surfing and water.  His paintings have been transformed into over 500+ pattern designs by his wife, Erica Schaeffer for fashion, home, and sustainability licensing.  A lifestyle brand that is both vibrant and subtle yet at the same time it reflects the traditions of Peruvian culture in a modern contemporary approach.   With its beautiful explosive  warm colors of the Peruvian land, the brand can be adapted in all aspects of living.  Recognized throughout the world, the expressiveness and subject matter of Loli’s paintings are global reflecting his love for nature.   As Co-Founder and Vice President of the NGO Tierra y  Ser, a non-profit organization with a focus to save lives in natural disasters and to support recycling projects for sustainability improving the quality of life  for Peruvian families.  The Loli brand is deeply committed to supporting sustainability initiatives and teaching its young people to be Eco-Warriors.


Vito Loli has a very simple philosophy of life: humility is the greatest of virtues. His main passion in life is painting, followed by the sport of surfing which unites him with nature venturing only out of his studio to swim in the sea. He has the gift of blending in with his clients to the point of capturing things that others do not perceive with the naked eye touching their soul and heart. Loli has clients on 5 continents and many have been collecting his art for more than 20 years, making him one of Peru’s most prolific and best-selling painters.  His passion for the environment led him to co found a non for profit sustainability company, NGO Tierra you Ser, together with his wife.  They not only promote recycling projects in the community but awaken within their people the need for ecological awareness, love, and care for Mother Earth.

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