A Digital Pop-Art Project

We share feelings, ambitions and dreams that have led us to reinvent ourselves towards a path that starts with art to explore every possible creative expression. We are husband and wife, we are PIT-POP!

A digital Pop Art brand from Puglia, Italy, Pit-Pop was founded in 2013 by husband and wife team, Antonella Tolve and Rino Schinco. Antonella is the graphic designer of this modern and bold interpretation of pop art. With a background in classical art studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Foggia, Italy, she was influenced by the digital artistic productions of the 80's and 90's inspiring her to expand her art beyond the canvas and the brush exploring new forms of art and computer science. Her designs are licensed in USA, Europe and India.


The Brand

Pit Pop is a digital Pop-Art project, a graphic sign characterized by minimalist shapes, neat black lines, bold colors and playfulness – classic elements belonging to Pop Art which today give life to their brand.  Pit Pop is influenced by the digital artistic productions of the 80’s and 90’s and gaming industry that led to the formation of a group of artists no longer interested in canvas and brushes but inspired by a global exploration of creativity.

The bold, bright, daring colors of the Pit Pop brand are characteristic of Pop Art but with a contemporary style focused on collections of everyday life, patterns and textures, and pop art kids.   A brand for a Generation Z and Millennial market, the style blends ideally with  food branding, apparel, home and stationary adding that splash of color and modern design to products.  For a more sophisticated alluring style, Pit Pop created their Noir collection for home decor and stationary.

Pop Art Style
Pit Pop Everyday Life Collection


“I often look at urban communication and I like the language of pictograms to outline the design,” says Antonella, “but the deepest meaning of my work is to describe the simple gestures of everyday life.”

Pit-Pop blends minimalism and color, rationality and passion, technology and imagination to communicate through art and design the new form of modern life.  Through feelings and dreams, Pit Pop brand continues to reinvent toward a path exploring every possible creative expression that is meaningful yet modern that many people especially the younger generation and families can relate too.

Pit-Pop is a young brand, a young family and a husband and wife.  They are PIT-POP, Italian designers from Puglia in the south of Italy.

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