Shane Koehler

Art inspired by Earth's oneness and interconnectedness

My work celebrates the dynamic biodiversity and the interconnectedness of nature taking collectors on an adventure around the world in a collection of Biomes bringing awareness to the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. I use my art as a great tool for positive change and awareness to the environment.

Shane Koehler is an imaginative wildlife artist from Portland, Oregon specializing in watercolor on hand-cut wood panels. His love and respect for nature is visibly seen in his work celebrating biodiversity and the interconnectedness of nature. Koehler's imaginative combinations of flora and fauna take viewers out of everyday life and on an adventure to a journey of possibilities. At the core, Koehler's work is rooted in the feelings of joy and the idea of the oneness of nature.

Subtle layers of watercolor are combined with the appearance of wood grain to create organic, rich and dynamic wildlife scenes. Wooden boards are Intricately cut out into shapes that further emphasis the boldness and drama of the intricacies found in nature. These hand-cut paintings are “floated” from the wall making them more dimensional and sculpture like. Most recently, Koehler’s plants and animals sit amongst and are adorned with 23 karat gold leafing. A medium that is sure to reappear throughout his work.

Shane Koehler - Artist

The Brand

Shane Koehler is an artist who  aims to inspire positivity and connection within our ourselves, each other and the natural world around us.  Each wildlife painting celebrates the profound beauty and interconnectedness of Earth’s biodiversity.  Colorful engaging wildlife is woven together into dreamy scenes filled with the magic and wonder of nature.  It is Koehler’s hope that these feelings can help reconnect us to our inner child.  His collection of whimsical whales is an example of this childlike innocence reminding us to relax and play.

Biomes is a new collection to the Shane Koehler brand featuring major habitats such as forests, deserts, aquatic and more.  These ecosystems are represented with science and art in mind, a blending of educational accuracy and emotionally stirring compositions encouraging global awareness of our environments.  As an outdoor educator working with children and wildlife conservation, environmental education is woven into his brand inspiring a sense of stewardship and reverence for all life.  Koehler’s art is ideally suited for educational, sustainable and inspirational products and projects.

Shane Koehler Sustainable Brand
Shane Koehler Philosophy


I see our Earth as a world of endless possibilities. A magical place sparkling with life completely and seamlessly interconnected. When I create, it’s to express the joy and excitement I feel from being in nature with the awareness we are all one connected being. 

Knowing and feeling this profound connection is empowering and puts me in the flow of life from which I’m able to see the beauty, positivity and togetherness.  I think of my paintings as designing dreamscapes for people to feel better and to see themselves in a symbiotic relationship with our Earth. When we feel good the things we do, say and think about also feel good.  I’m using the awesome power of art to move us into a joyous, exciting world filled with love and empowerment.

A conservationist and naturalist, Shane Koehler donates a percentage of every sale to wildlife conservation worldwide.  “Wildlife will recover, reclaim and rebalance the world when given a chance,” says Koehler.

Shane’s philosophy “Make ecocentric rather than egocentric choices”.

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