Suzann K

Graffiti and Abstract Art as a Lifestyle

Each one of my originals has a story to tell and I never know where it will take me or where I will take it.

Suzann Kaltbaum, a contemporary fine art photographer and digital artist from Florida, has a passion and love for travel and photography. Incorporating creative digital techniques in her designs, Suzann has transformed her travel photography into thought provoking original works of art creating her unique style of abstract contemporary and graffiti art.
A fine art artist, Suzann's originals are sold internationally to private and corporate collectors.

Suzann K

The Brand

Suzann K Fine Art is a photography and digital art design studio influenced by travel art which is then taken to the next level to fine art.  The unique spin on each original piece defines the brand style of abstract and graffiti art.  Starting as a side project, the art quickly developed into a fine art business with originals sold to corporations, museums, and luxury homes.

Suzann K’s bold, bright colors with its strong expressive artistic style are characteristic of Graffiti art using art as a form to communicate messages of the time.  Suzann’s style at times is strong but also contrasts with a softer side of expression invoking  messages of love and beauty.  It is an ideal style for a Generation Z and Millennial market ideally suited for licensed products in casual sportswear and home decor.

Suzann K Graffiti Art
Suzann K Graffiti Art


Graffiti Art inspires with its messages of the times and through my graffiti and abstract works, I seek to awaken a sense of fun, lightness and positive vibes with bold, colorful strokes.  I hope that my art can encourage others to reflect and find a bit of themselves inside each piece.  As an artist, I am always looking for that spark in the moment, the “je ne sais quoi” of that magic connection between my camera and subject.  Whether through an action, a color, a vibe, I seek to find that which excites and inspires me.

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