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Abstract contemporary designs for Global Harmony Collections

Sheri Kesten design specializes in comprehensive architectural and Interior design that has greatly influenced her stylized contemporary art designs.

Sheri Kesten Design specializes in comprehensive architectural and Interior Design. Both an art enthusiast and collector, Kesten has built her reputation over the past 20 years through constructing and renovating sophisticated, quietly elegant spaces, immersed in practical environments. Kesten's signature is her unique ability to create distinctive one of a kind custom designs portraying a sleek dynamic look with a cutting edge.
The designer's love of fabrics gives her the edge in constructing one of a kind, stylistic color stories and patterns for her interior design projects. In 2022, Kesten turned her creative inspirations toward her own digital art projects releasing the Global Harmony collection in March 2023. Inspired by a black and white commemorative Matisse poster that elicited for Kesten a very zen peaceful mood, she created her own digital designs to take on a stylized life of their own focusing on global peace and harmony.

Sheri Kesten designer

The Brand

Sheri Kesten’s work and lifestyle are consumed in interior design and brand extension evolving organically into the field of fine art licensing with her newly launched Global Harmony collection inspired by a black and white commemorative Matisse poster from the MOMA museum.  An accomplished American Interior Designer, Kesten has become one of 2023’s newest emerging artists in the world of fine art and art licensing. Influenced by her love of modern art and her creativity in Interior Design, Kesten’s digital art project has taken on a stylistic life of its own inspired by her feelings for global harmony.

Keeping in the style of abstract modernism, Kesten’s brand quickly took on a stylistic life of its own to include people of all cultures and races.  Kesten has created three new collections in the modernist style focusing on Global Harmony, Global Vision and Global Affection hoping to inspire peaceful thoughts and joy.  Kesten’s abstract collections are ideal for licensed products in home, gifts, stationary, fashion and inspirational products.

sheri kesten global harmony
sheri kesten philosophy


The name of my first collection stems from my basic prayer for the world.  All my collections are named to inspire an aspirational hope and vibe for our world especially for our precious children.

My hope for the world is Global Harmony, Global Vision, and Global Affection created in an abstract format so that each person can interpret and see what they want from the designs.  “The challenge of designing then seeing my creations come to fruition on product is an exciting part of my art where I can take my ideas and design them into images creating inspirational messages in an abstract form.”

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