Ale Puro

From street artist to children's fine art illustrator

From children’s street art to illustrations, Ale Puro creates a more beautiful and poetic world that transports all children into a dreamy and imaginative place.

Ale Puro, a contemporary Italian street artist and illustrator of kids, is from the small town of Vigevano in the province of Pavia, Italy. He started painting graffiti art at 16 years of age. After graduating from the Art Academy of Brera, he spent a few years in Mexico and India working and experimenting with new art forms. It was a formative experience that inspired him to new levels of creativity and thinking. He started painting graffiti art on the streets of Italy at the age of 16. In 2013, he had his first important gallery show in Torino, Italy catapulting Puro onto Europe’s contemporary art scene. Ale Puro is the proud Father of two beautiful children, Nina and Romeo, who are his greatest source of inspiration in every moment of his day.

Ale puro kids


A contemporary children’s brand, Puro’s paintings are designed in a universal language expressive in its sentimental word. This inspirational children’s brand shows the curiosity and wonder of childhood in a contemporary art style. Through his art, Puro seeks to create a more beautiful and poetic world for everyone.

Puro is actively engaged in social licensing projects  throughout North Italy supporting children’s causes for schools and the disadvantaged. His greatest passion is working with public schools, municipalities and towns creating street art murals of children with a message that all children can dream and imagine a beautiful world.  Puro’s art inspires and is inclusive of all children.

In the spring of 2023, a new sustainable collection of children’s and babies bedding manufactured by Nook Sleep will be launched in North America along with a new license of fine art prints by Elephant Stock.  In Italy, Puro works with local artisans to create original hand made products inspired by his art to support local artisans and the tradition of made by hand.  New collections include, painting sets, sculpted figurines and limited edition prints.


Ale Puro looks at the world through the eyes of a curious traveler inspired by the cultures during his studies and work abroad.

Inspired by his street art experience, the simple lines in his paintings draw us into his world of childhood.

Puro speaks through his art expressing his own feelings and dreams wrapped within each tender story.

His curiosity and wonder for life is captured in his children paintings to remind us all to always find the child within and to be one as well at least in the heart.

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