Ale Puro

From street art to fine art

Inspired by the street and grown by the street, Puro’s inspirational kid’s paintings capture the sweet and curious child inside of each of us while traveling through the imagination.

Ale Puro, Italy’s young contemporary children’s artist, lives and works in Vigevano, Italy. He started painting graffiti art at 16 years of age. After his studies at the Academy of Brera, he worked in Mexico and India, a formative experience inspiring him to new levels of creativity and thinking. In 2006, he started painting on canvas and by 2013, he had his first important gallery show in Torino, Italy catapulting Puro onto Italy’s fine art gallery scene. Today Puro’s art is exhibited in fine art galleries throughout Europe and Mexico and his prints are sold worldwide.

Ale puro kids


A contemporary children’s brand, Puro’s paintings are designed in a universal language expressive in its sentimental word. This inspirational children’s brand appeals to kids of all ages and lifestyles. Puro’s first children’s book, “Come Grande” was recently published in Italian and released in Italy by Lavieri in December 2020.

Puro is also licensed in fine art prints, calendars and espresso cups.  The Puro brand is actively engaged in social licensing projects  throughout North Italy supporting children’s causes for schools and disadvantaged children.

His paintings are exhibited in European contemporary art galleries.


Ale Puro looks at the world through the eyes of a curious traveler inspired by the cultures during his studies and work abroad.

Inspired by his street art experience, the simple lines in his paintings draw us into his world of childhood.

Puro speaks through his art expressing his own feelings and dreams wrapped within each tender story.

His curiosity and wonder for life is captured in his children paintings to remind us all to always find the child within and to be one as well at least in the heart.

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