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In Japanese, YuMe means dreams. In the Yume collections, dream like atmospheres are designed embracing nature’s flora and little creatures in a fresh color palette creating a sense of inner peace, harmony and beauty to everyday life and the home.

Yume was founded in Florence, Italy by two visionary women in a small studio along the river Arno where art, fashion and creativity conjoined as one with breathing, with smiling and with life! The two women joined together to realize their vision in the creation of Yume with Emanuela's creative expression and expertise in product design and development together with Valentina, the artist and designer, with her mastery in creative expressions from hand painted water colors and illustration to fashion and product design.
With their deep knowledge of the manufacturing processes, product design and creating designs on trend, Yume brings great support to licensing partners in translating their brand, concept and style into products.

The Brand

Dream-like atmospheres are found in each Yume collection from the dream world of Minu’ Tiny Little Wonders at the Pond to the woodlands of the Wildberry Collection.  Minu’, with her pink curls and big flower shaped eyes, moves around in nature capturing the surprising secrets and the harmony of our planet in its amazing patterns and colors.  Through Minu’s eyes, she opens our eyes and hearts to the wonders of nature.

The Minu brand is fresh, vibrant and full of energy inspired by nature’s ecosystems.  It is a brand that can be marketed to children and at the same time becomes a lifestyle brand for home and fashion.  It is the diversity of this brand that gives it wide appeal.  New licenses include Ravensburger for puzzles, Sweet Creamery for gelato, journals and apparel on Amazon.   Yu.Me is now represented in Mexico and Central America through Brand New Day.  New licenses in South America are with Premium Paper Spa in Chile for stationary, eyeglass cases, and masks.

YuMe inspirational nature journals
Minu tiny little wonders at the pond


YuMe is to dream, the inspiration for the brand’s philosophy  – “You must take care of your dreams, as we do with flowers, if you want to see them blossom.”   These were the inspirational words spoken by the Artist’s Mother often during her childhood.  The Yume Design vision is about dreaming, positive energy, curiosity, passion and wonder respecting nature and all living creatures.  This profound message in its simplicity is permeates throughout their collections bringing nature into the home and infusing the lifestyle with joy, inner peace and beauty.

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