25 Year Family Brand

Gelini characters have touched the hearts of families with their fun loving personalities, vivid colors, and cute expressions. It is an established European brand in the puzzle and plush market.

Pencil, photoshop and camera are the tools that Artist Creator Jorg Zahradnicek uses to create the Gelini Characters. Jorg either develops and draws a Gelini-design by pencil and then transfers it into a scene arranged and shot in his studio near the Austrian Alps. Or he takes a photograph of a detail he finds by chance and draws the character into the scene. In this way he approaches the designs from two points of view inspiring great imagination. A professional artist and product designer, Jorg not only creates the designs but works with licensees to apply his designs to product.

The Brand

A trusted family brand of 25 years, , Gelini was born in the Artist’s imagination, “what if Gummibears could be real?  What would they look like?  And, the idea came to Jorg to create their character, their mood and emotion like a mirror image of their own color expression.  A trusted European brand licensed with Ravensburger for over 20 years in puzzles, One million Gelini products have sold in Europe including toys and games, plush, stationary, textiles, body care, and apparel.  Gelini collections include inspirational sentiments for stationary, emotive characters for plush, advertising and co-branding, and designs with backgrounds for lifestyle application and puzzles.

Gelini character brand


Jorg takes his inspiration from his beloved mountains in the Austrian Alps creating these fun like whimsical characters called Gelini and putting them into many alpine settings that are the foundation of the brand.  It is in the simplicity and in life’s little things that delight this little character as through Gelini we get to rediscover joy in the simple things.  “Today was good.  Today was fun.  Tomorrow is another one”, said Dr. Seuss which  perfectly describes the Gelini message.

“Living close to the Austrian Alps, I see the beauty of the land each time I look outside my studio-window.  I love to discover the simple things of life and it is my passion to visualize a glimpse of that precious moment.  I try to bring this detail into people’s awareness through my cuddly little Gelini characters.”  Jorg Zahradnicek

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