Mainero Rocca

Photographer of the Street

Travel fuels my photographic passion in discovering cultures and traditions to share through my images. It is in those visions I see that slip the distracted eyes of everyday life.

Mainero Rocca started taking pictures at the age of twenty. A native of Italy, Rocca fueled his photographic passion through travel discovering cultures and traditions that he loves to tell through images. Rocca’s passion for cinema inspires his aesthetics, his use of light and his atmospheres. He prefers portraits, reportage and attention to people in their social and environmental context. Rocca’s style is toggling between black and white and color and shooting quickly to capture the subject in its most natural attitude. The challenge is to capture that moment which is both intimate and in complete unawareness to the individual that is in symbiosis with the environment.

The Brand

Rocca is attracted to the urban landscape of real and living places shot in the most direct way possible to revive memories and emotions.  His photos capture an emotional aspect unexpected to himself animating the observer’s imagination.  Impassioned about contemporary art, he is inspired by its abstraction.  The reality and the abstraction one views in his work combines to create a unique synergy of contrasts.  His love for contemporary art  has influenced his work in other ways capturing the artwork, the artist and the spectator at that intimate moment of the view. Some of his portraits have been published in art catalogs.  Rocca has collaborated with a photographic agency in Rome and has exhibited in personal and collective photographic exhibitions.  The most recent exhibition of his work was at the 2020 International Festival of Ethic photography in Lodi, Italy on his collection of Contemporary Turkish Life.

rocca city reportage
Rocca manchester streets


I enjoy walking the streets, exploring the city, meeting people and documenting reality. I focus on the scene as a whole made up not only of people but also of the environment including architecture, objects, lines, lights and shadows. It is a photograph that requires action moving from one place to another and watching the scene change. The approach excites and rewards me as I look for visions that slip the distracted eyes of an everyday life dominated by images.

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