In 1996, Zolan started co-branding his holiday Santa and kids paintings with John Deere. Since then, Zolan’s co-branding partnerships have expanded to include Collegiate, Goodyear Blimp, Int’l [...]

Kids and Pets

Classic and timeless, Zolan kid's and pets collection captures the nostalgic adventures of kids with their pets in a style unique to Donald Zolan. Influenced by his heartland roots, each [...]

Country Kids

Born in Brookfield, Illinois, Zolan's Heartland memories inspired his Country Kids collection preserving the nostalgic memories of American family farm life. It is the realness and the [...]

Simply Kids

Zolan’s own happy childhood was the inspiration for his Simply Kids collection. Full of discovery and adventure, Zolan's independent little spirits constantly explore the frontiers of their [...]


Donald Zolan's Holiday collection was inspired by his apprenticeship with Haddon Sundblom, America’s illustrator of the Coke Santa. Years later, Zolan created his classic Americana Santa [...]


It is that sentimental feeling in it pureness and simplicity that makes a Zolan painting nostalgic. It is the reflection of a recent memory of children living in simpler and happier days [...]