Blooms of Love

Inspired by the Tuscan gardens found in the countryside outside of Florence, Italy, the Blooms of Love collection is another magical series in the Minu, tiny little wonders. With its boundless [...]

Pond Lifestyle

Minu, tiny little wonders, is a lifestyle brand of collections inspired by nature's ecosystems. Life at the Pond is the first in the collection designed to create a sensory experience of dreamy [...]


Ale Puro, contemporary children's art brand, captures those silly childlike expressions, dreams, emotions, and curiosity inspiring kids in a positive way to be, to wonder, to dream and to be happy.


Ale Puro is one of Italy's top contemporary young street artists. The children art of Ale Puro looks at the world through the eyes of a curious child ready to dream, imagine and explore the [...]

Wild Berry

Wild Berry, the second collection in the Minu, tiny little wonders series, opens the door to a fantasy world of lush woodlands bursting with fresh wild berries, magical mushrooms, autumnal [...]