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IvanaHelsinki Paola Suhonen

Paulakukka, Nordic Tricot, is one of Ivana Helsinki’s most popular collections among her thousands of designs launching Helsinki’s 2023 contemporary Home collection. Inspired by Helsinki’s Finnish roots, Paulakukka is one of her most versatile and popular patterns for home and fashion. Using traditional Scandinavian design as a base for her contemporary home collections, Paulakukka is a mix of bright bold playful colors in all shapes, colors, and patterns for any day of the year. From the Paris and New York runways to global fashion designer, Helsinki’s Finnish design collections have been the inspiration not only for her fashions but for Interior, Hotel, and global home collections. Helsinki home collections are hand designed with thousands of famous patterns to choose from and her home collections are found in retail stores throughout Europe and Asia.

To view the entire collection, please request the pdf portfolio.

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