Donald Zolan

A Classic Children's Brand since 1977

The profundity of a Zolan painting asks us not only to see the child but encourages each of us to find our own child within.

Born into a family of five generations of artists and sculptors, Zolan came from a working class family in Brookfield, Illinois. Painting and drawing since the age of three, Zolan won his first scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago at thirteen. A graduate of Chicago’s American Academy of Art, Zolan began selling his paintings of children at galleries and art fairs eventually licensing his first painting for collector plates in 1977.

The Brand

With 44+ years of licensing, 100+ licensed programs, and 10 collections, Donald Zolan left a legacy to the world of 300 oil paintings of children expressed in a nostalgic poetic way recalling the memories and our imagination of early childhood.   He captured a child’s innocence and wonder in expressions that touch the soul arousing those sensorial first time feelings.   A brand that speaks to the heart, engages emotion and promotes family values, Zolan was one of the most popular and celebrated children’s collectible and gift artist spanning over two decades.  A 20 time award winning artist in fine art and collectibles, Zolan in 1996 was one of the first art brands to partner with iconic brands including Collegiate, John Deere, International Harvester, Goodyear, New York Yankees, Shirley Temple and Radio Flyer.  Recognized as an American Heritage art brand, Zolan continues its expansion in global licensing and support for kid’s social causes worldwide.

Donald Zolan Children Paintings
Donald Zolan Painter of Children


Zolan’s vision was to make a positive change in the lives of children through positive and inspirational art.  Social licensing projects helping children, protecting their innocence, and supporting a child’s right to experience their new world in  joy and with love is an important aspect of this Brand and we welcome opportunities to support children’s causes around the world.

“I wish that all children could live the kind of joyous, secure and happy childhood that I capture in my paintings. A childhood filled with love, hugs and kisses, a childhood free from fear and want, a childhood with freedom to express their individuality, and a childhood where children can be children in the first few years of their lives.”

Donald Zolan RIP (Requiescat in Pace)

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