Enric Fossa

Urban Contemporary Visions

Young and vibrant with a richness of creative energy, Enric Fossa’s City Visions collection is a harmonic dance of geometric shapes and objects mixed with fantasy and reality. This lifestyle contemporary brand is ideal for those who love urban life.

A native of Milan, Italy, Fossa (pseudonym for Enrico Fossati) began drawing with bic pens at the age of 5 copying and inventing imaginary worlds with little stories on paper and canvas. As his creativity grew, he enrolled in art classes studying oil painting and charcoal techniques. He completed his first major work of art at the age of 12. A graduate of the Brera Art Academy, Fossa specialized in Graphic Design while at the same time experimenting with his own paintings.


The Brand

A prolific painter, Fossa’s fine artworks and art prints have been sold in Italy and throughout Europe in contemporary art galleries. A dedicated and professional artist, Fossa’s second career is in graphic design and his design studio is readily available to work with licensees in adapting his art to products.  Launched in 2019 in North America, Fossa’s new licenses include apparel, wallpapers, prints, throws and kitchen decor.

enric fossa view
enric fossa ortogonale


Fossa’s artistic journey has brought him to a point of creating complex works with a new vision of city life that has always fascinated him.  Intrigued with the complexity of perspective, depth, horizontal lines, and geometric properties and relations, Fossa constantly seeks in each of his paintings to create new imaginary worlds and dreams.

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