YuMe is the Japanese word for dreams. It is these dreamy like atmospheres in nature created by the Yu.Me Design Studio that captures a whimsical elegance in a fresh crisp color palette that [...]


We share feelings, ambitions and dreams that have led us to reinvent ourselves towards a path that starts with art to explore every possible creative expression. We are husband and wife, we are [...]

Erin Derby

Familiar and unexpected yet concrete and ethereal with clarity and yet an enigmatical quality, Derby meticulously works with lighting and composition to create that hypnotic mandala-like floral [...]


A character created from dust was born to heal and inspire. Dustykid is a cheerful, humorous, and inspirational character brand with inspiring messages to uplift the spirit, awaken the soul and [...]


Gelini characters have touched the hearts of families with their fun loving personalities, vivid colors, and cute expressions. It is an established European brand in the puzzle and plush market.

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